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Deer Isle is located in Penobscot Bay, off the Blue Hill Peninsula, between Camden and Bar Harbor.
It has long been a summer destination – from the seasonal Indian encampments in summer
for fishing and hunting, to rusticators and artists in the 19th and 20th centuries to today.
image of deer isle bridge
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts is located here – and has been a magnet for artists and art lovers for over 50 years.
During the summer, Haystack offers nightly talks by faculty, an end of session studio walk-through and auction ever two weeks.
In the off-season, Haystack offers many other events such as short workshops for local residents, a student/mentor program, and art exhibits.

There are well over 30 art galleries and artists’ studios open to the public, antiques shops, as well as fine restaurants,
ice cream and coffee shops, two grocery stores, and the Stonington Opera House.
panoramic image of stonington harbor at sunset in november
Celebrating 100 years in 2012, the Stonington Opera House provides weekly movies year round, as well as live performances,
music events, and community play readings. Each summer, it hosts Shakespeare in Stonington, and a week-long
Jazz Festival featuring some of the hottest names in jazz today.

The towns of Deer Isle and Stonington are home to a diverse community of artists, craftspeople, fishermen, and other working folks.
In summer, both towns have thriving Farmer’s Markets – Stonington’s Friday morning market has been recognized as the biggestand best
in the state of Maine. Deer Isle’s Wednesday morning market was organized by Eliot Coleman and has been steadily growing for the past
two years. Stonington’s working waterfront is host to the largest lobster fleet in Maine, and is a picturesque place to visit.

From Stonington,the mail boat takes passengers to Isle au Haut – a gorgeous 45-minute ride through the islands off its shores.

All sorts of adventures can be found on Deer Isle. There is something for everyone here – from gallery hopping, fine dining, kayaking
in the best waters on the East Coast, to fishing, swimming, sailing, golfing or playing tennis, hiking, beachwalking and exploring,
to nightly events at Haystack and the Stonington Opera House.

Click here for a slideshow of images of Deer Isle.

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